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Our Clients

We are pleased to introduce our Certified Training Programs/Courses in Telecom, IT, Embedded, Accounting, Finance, Multimedia & XPO for fresher/engineering graduates/young professionals who want to well groom their interests/skills in these Sectors in direction to shape up or make over their career. More than 2000 young engineers/young professionals working in India & Abroad already availed benefits from these trainings.

This Certified Training Program is a part of our Technical Training & Resource Development Department. It is a 4 level training program which is as follows:

·         Level 1: In House Training: It includes theory of technologies which will be delivered by lectures and by ebooks.

·         Level 2: On System Training: It comprises training on computers to make familiar about softwares/applications/tools used in Technology.

·         Level 3: On Site Training: It caters real time on job training on field/site/servers with working engineers.

·         Level 4: Quality Check Training: It inbounds the training on Consecutive Quality Check norms for diversified technical projects.

The non technical content of Training is common for all sectors/technology whereas Technical Content is different for all which is specified under particular section.


Common Training for All Courses


1.   Human Engineering

         I.            Personality Development

       II.            Corporate Behavior

     III.            Client Relations

   IV.            Colleague Relations

     V.            Self Support

   VI.            IQ Development

 VII.            BQ Development


2.   Social Engineering

        I.            Communication by Cell phone

      II.            Communication by E-mails

    III.            Voice & Video Conferencing

  IV.            Corporate Communication

    V.            Communication with Upper, Lower & Same Hierarchy Level of Management

  VI.            EQ Development

VII.            MQ Development


3.    Management Training

        I.            As an Engineer

      II.            As a Team Member

    III.            As a Coordinator

  IV.            As a Team Leader

    V.            As a Manager


4.   Job Orientation

        I.            Resume/Profile Making

      II.            Resume/Profile Submission

    III.            Follow Ups/Reminders

  IV.            Pre Job Quality Checks/Interviews

    V.            Post Job Quality Checks/Interviews




Telecom Training


I.                    Introduction to Telecom Sector

II.                  Basics of Wireless Communication

III.                GSM

IV.              Evolution of GSM to GPRS & EDGE

V.                CDMA

VI.              Evolution of CDMA to EVDO

VII.            Microwave Transmission, OFC, SDH, PDH, DWDM, FTTX, MPLS-VPN, Satellite, VSAT

VIII.          VoIP

IX.               3G Systems

X.                 UMTS, WCDMA

XI.               HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+

XII.             4G Systems

XIII.           LTE & WiMAX

XIV.         OFDMA, MIMO

XV.           5G Systems

XVI.          NanoCore

XVII.       I&C(Installation & Commissioning) for BTS/BSC/MSC/DG/AC/BB/NMS/SMPS/Shelter

XVIII.     O&M (Operation & Maintenance) for BTS/BSC/MSC/DG/AC/BB/NMS/SMPS/Shelter

XIX.          BSS/OSS/SS7/Fixed & Core Networks

XX.            RF Survey(RF, RFI, BTS, Civil & Electrical), IBS & LOS Survey

XXI.          AT & Site Acquisition

XXII.        RF Drive Test Pre, Post, APT for CDMA/GSM/GPRS/EVDO/VoIP/WiMax/LTE

XXIII.      RF Data Analysis, Post Data Analysis, Statistical Data Analysis, KPI Analysis

XXIV.    RNO/RNI/RND (Radio Network Optimization, Improvement, Design)

XXV.      TNO/TNI/TND (Transmission Network Optimization, Improvement, Design)

XXVI.    NPO/NPI/NPD (Network Performance Optimization, Improvement, Design)

XXVII.  All Network Element Health Checkup (Alarms & Faults)

XXVIII.Planning (RF/Nominal/Frequency/Transmission/Network/Channel)

XXIX.     Project Management/Execution as per Time, Budget & Resource.


IT Training


1.      What is Web Programming?

2.      How Internet works?

3.      Web programming trends & practices

4.      Setting up PHP development  environment

5.      Introduction to HTML & CSS

6.      Fundamental of PHP Programming

7.      Database programming using PHP (SQLite, PGSQL, MySQL)

8.      PHP for web content management

9.      PHP & Security

  1. AJAX & PHP


Advanced Course


1.      PHP & Cloud

2.      N-tier application using PHP

3.      Big Data programming using PHP (NoSQL)


Pro Course


1.      Web Programming : PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Visual Studio (C, C++, C#, etc)

2.      Web Designing: HTML, XHTML, XML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

3.      Photo Shop, Corel Draw, Animation, Flash

4.      PHP Based Web Content Management, Zoomla, Drupal, WordPress

5.      PHP Based Web Frameworks, Cake PHP, Nuke PHP, Cognito  PHP



Embedded Training


  • Introduction to Embedded Systems and 8051 Architecture & Features
  • Programmers Model
  • 8051 Addressing Modes
  • Instruction Set
  • Introduction to Code Warrior Development Studio, KEIL (IDE), Flash Magic
  • Assembly Language Programming
  • Assignment & Tutorials on Assembly Language Programming
  • Introduction to C Programming for Embedded Systems
  • Assignment & Tutorials on C
  • I/O Programming
  • Interfacing to I/O Devices
  • Switches
  • Timer Programming using Real Time Interrupt
  • Interfacing to Stepper Motor
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Modules
  • Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM
  • Analog to Digital Converter 



Multimedia Training


  • Adobe Photo Shop CS16
  • Adobe Premier
  • AutoDesk 3ds Max
  • Auto Cad 16
  • Unity
  • Revit
  • Adobe After Effect (VFX)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • Flash
  • AutoDesk Maya
  • AutoDesk Mudbox
  • Eyeon Fusion
  • AutoDesk MatchMover



Accounting Training


Module 1: Perfect Office

Windows, MS Office 2007 - Word, Excel (special emphasis on MIS Reports), Power Point, Access, Outlook Express, Internet, E-Ticketing, E-Banking, E-Mail etc.


Module 2: Advance Practical Accounts with Banking


Accounting Fundamentals, Final Accounts, Accounting Instruments & Documents, Stock Valuation, Ratio Analysis, Cash Flows, Basic Concepts of Banking, Various Accounts, Plastic Money, Routine Banking etc.


Module 3: Tally ERP - Accounting and Inventory

Creation of Master, Accounting Vouchers, Inventory Vouchers, Stock Journal, Transactions with Vouchers, Advanced Features, Configuration, Remote Access, Synchronization, Invoice Formation Online Database Connectivity (ODBC), Various Analytical Reports etc.


Module 4: Tally ERP - Taxation

Direct Tax: TDS, TCS, Form -16A, Challans, Return Forms etc. Indirect Tax: VAT, CST, Service Tax & Excise, Challans, Return Forms etc.


Module 5:  Tally ERP - Payroll and Labour Laws

Generation of Employee Database, Salary Structure & Calculation, Attendance & Leave Details, Salary Slip Generation, PF, ESI, Gratuity, Bonus, Professional Tax, Various Analytical Reports etc.


Module 6: Spoken English & PDP

Grammar, Vocabulary Building, Pronunciation, Communication, Listening & Comprehension, Real Life Scenarios, BBC News Stories, Interview Skills, Special Classes on PDP (Body Language) etc.




International Spoken English Training


·         Syntax of Sentence Formation

·         General Etiquettes (Addressing, Status, Thanking, Greeting, General Sentences, Time Discussions)

·         Moods

·         Simple Sentences (Present, Past, Future)

·         Narration

·         Conjunction

·         Modal Auxiliary (Function) 108

·         Mid Formation 100

·         Blend Function 51

·         Tenses 12

·         Voice 8

·         Preposition

·         Phrasal Verbs

·         Noun

·         Pronoun

·         Adverb

·         Adjective

·         Speech

·         How to attend Seminar/Workshop

·         Public Speaking/Speech

·         Debate

·         Personality Development

·         Interviewing

·         Bite (Facing Camera)

·         Conference

·         Write, Read, Speak, Understand, Think (Newspapers, News channels, Magazines, Blogs, Books, Portals)

Counseling, Orientation, Induction, Motivation free